Mediating means forming a link between two things, in this case art and the public. Traditionally it has been the task of the educational department in a museum. However ​mediating goes beyond education. It means dialogue, understanding, experience. In 2008 I had the great opportunity of working as "médiateur culturel" in the 2nd edition of MONUMENTA (Richard Serra: Promenade) at the Grand Palais in Paris. In France art mediation was already very developed at that moment compared to other countries in Europe. They offered a large program of guided tours, workshops and spontaneous mediation (young art historians walking around the exhibition place, ready to talk to people) for free. This experience opened my eyes to a new way of approaching people to art. Since then I have been very active in the field: I worked almost four years as art mediator at the Art Centre Pasquart (CH) and the Museum Neuhaus (CH) and have organised talks, guided tours and workshops in prestigious institutions such Kunsthaus Zürich, Pinakothek der Moderne (Munich), Instituto Cervantes Munich and Museum Villa Stuck (Munich).


Being an art mediator not only consists in showing an exhibition to people or organising workshops. Art mediation can have as many forms as you can imagine. Behind a succesfull "mediation program" there is a lot of work including:

  • Conceiving, planning and organising short and long term educational projects / talks /lectures / interventions

  • Leading a team of educators (cultural mediators)

  • Supervising the set-up and development of workshops / talks / lectures / interventions

  • Communicating with curators / teachers / associations / the neighbourhood

  • Developing strategies for visitor engagement

  • Conceiving and writing material for the exhibition place (booklets...)

  • Conceiving and writing pedagogical dossiers for teachers

  • PR and press work (informing the media, writing press releases, press clips...)

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Budget planning, forecasting and reporting

  • Fundraising and marketing