juan carlos NADAL


Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art, Munich (DE)
17.03.2017 - 14.04.2017
Curated by Laura Sánchez Serrano

AD Infinitum is the first solo 

Ad Infinitum is the first solo exhibition of the Spanish artist Juan Carlos NADAL in Germany.

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Through gusts of movement, gestural currents, landscapes of water, smoke and metal, we are transported into a fundamental state of meditation beyond noise and disorder. From 17th March to 14th April, Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art presents AD INFINITUM, an exhibition curated by Laura Sanchez Serrano featuring the most recent work of Juan Carlos Nadal.

Juan Carlos Nadal (*1966, Alicante, ES) uses the most instinctive and elemental creative gestures – turning, folding – to mould matter and create fractal forms that repeat themselves indefinitely, just as in nature. In his sculptures, paintings and drawings, material becomes form through the use of spontaneous but determined strokes and movements: gestures that swing rhythmically between the control learned from experience and the conscious loss of it.

Aluminium, zinc, fabric, paper, charcoal, enamel and paint become irretrievably subjected to the creative vigour of the artist, transformed into agitated curves, bathed in black, metal and turquoise. Black, associated with infinity and the nothingness from where matter emerges, coexists with the metallic glow of riveted aluminium, the result of the industrial action of human beings, and a turquoise blue that recalls the coast of the Mediterranean sea, so present in the biography of the artist.

Industry versus Nature, Movement versus Meditation. The work of Juan Carlos Nadal invites us to live a genuine aesthetic experience: a dance of essential forms that recur ad infinitum in the silence of space.


AD INFINITUM is an exhibition curated by Laura Sánchez Serrano in collaboration with Karin Wimmer Contemporary Art (Munich) and Galería Aural (Alicante)