Eva Fàbregas

Those things you fingers can tell 

Kunstverein, Munich (DE)
09.02.– 05.05.2019
Exhibition curated by Post Brothers
Talk between Eva Fàbregas and Laura Sánchez Serrano organised by Instituto Cervantes, Munich
06.02.2019, 19h
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Kunstverein München presented in 2019 the amazing exhibition "Those things that your fingers can tell"– a solo exhibition comprised of new sculptures and installations by Eva Fàbregas. I had the great chance of meeting the Spanish artist in person and we both conducted a guided tour through her exhibition in Spanish a couple of days before the opening.

Fàbregas’ practice concerns forms of somatic experimentation, exploring the eroticism of consumer objects, the social engineering of desire, and cultures of wellness, therapy, and heightened sensation. Her recent work investigates all those objects, tools, and instruments that are used with, for, and on our bodies, either to produce sensorial effects (pleasure, relaxation, therapy, euphoria, etc.), to correct our posture, discipline our bodies, or even to become part of them. As a visual glossary for this research, Fàbregas presents a massive drawing on three walls, populated by forms alluding to a wide variety of therapeutic, prosthetic, ergonomic, and erotic instruments that have stimulating effects. Each of these forms refer to products that shape—and are shaped by—the body, implicating how our bodies, desires, experiences, and affects are formed and deformed by the politics of industrial design. By classifying this cosmology of objects and reducing their representations to amorphous symbols, the artist illustrates a genealogy of affective objects through their morphological affinities, while equally proposing the possibility for transformation. 

More info about the artist: www.evafabregas.com