paper positions munich

 with or on paper? future prospects for a traditional genre 

Art Fair, Munich (DE)
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In the most central located Alte Bayerische Staatsbank 39 international galleries presented their most significant artistic positions of contemporary and modern art with focus on drawings and the medium of paper: drawings, collages, paper cuttings, photography, art books and objects were shown. I was invited by reflektor m and Paper Positions Munich to organize a discussion about a subject related to the art fair as part of the their programme for this edition. I decided to talk about the future of paper as a traditional genre, focusing on the differences between works on paper and works made with paper. Why is it relevant to focus an art fair on this specific medium? Which possibilities and limitations does this medium have? Is there still place for experimentation?

with Heinrich Carstens, Shirin Damerji and Stephanie Humbert.

Moderation: Laura Sanchez Serrano. Hosted by reflektor m

Heinrich Carstens is Director of the fairs POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and paper positions in Berlin, Basel and Munich.

Shirin Damerji is a narrator. Her multifaceted work, which she realizes in the various media of photography, drawing and video, is accompanied by events that occur in her (political and existential) everyday life, as well as her own origins.

Stephanie Humbert is a curator for contemporary art. She worked in the photographic collection of the Folkwang Museum in Essen, at the Oldenburger Kunstverein and realized free curatorial projects among others at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam, the House of World Cultures in Berlin and the Kunstverein Dortmund. Since 2014, she has been in charge of the corporate art collection of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen.