Monumenta 2008: Richard Serra

Monumenta is a contemporary exhibition ​taking place at the Grand Palais in Paris since 2007. Every year (sine 2014 every two years) an artist is invited to take the whole space to create an installation. For the second Monumenta exhibition, the American artist Richard Serra, celebrated for his monumental sculptures, presented a masterly and totally original work: Promenade, five colossal steel slabs erected vertically in the Nave of the Grand Palais. Walking between these metal giants with their patina of rust made for a unique experience. At that time I was studying at the École du Louvre and writing my master thesis about the work of Richard Serra seen through photography, which allowed me to get to know Richard Serra and his official photographer Lorenz Kienzle. I had the great opportunity to assist Lorenz Kienzle during the setting up of the exhibition and afterwards to work as Art Educator and VIP guide during the exhibition time. This experience changed my view on art education in museums towards a more open and experimental approach.

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Grand Palais, Paris (FR)
05. - 06.2008
Art Educator