Museum Neuhaus

The Museum Neuhaus, today part of the Neues Museum Biel, shows the history of the city of Biel/ Bienne in Switzerland. Located in the old buildings of Manufacture d'Indiennes (founded in 1747 and closed in 1842), the multifaceted  Museum presented a collection of paintings and drawings of the Family Robert, a Cinécollection of William Piasio, an assemblage of objects witnessing the industrial past of the city and a bourgeois apartment of the XIX century. From January to July 2009 I got a Leonardo/StudEX scholarship and worked in the department of art education in both the Art Center Pasquart and the Museum Neuhaus in Biel/Bienne (CH). During this period I conceived activities for the spring "Aktionswochen": school classes from Kindergarten to Gymnasium are invited to participate free of charge in a 1 1/2 hour long workshop and, through observation and their own artistic work, to analyse a theme, an artist or a technique. Moreover I supervise the workshops and wrote a pedagogical dossier for teachers. After this experience I stayed in the team (Médiation Culturelle) for three years and kept on organising guided tours, educational activities and workshops.

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Biel/Bienne (CH)
01.2009 - 04.2012
Art Educator