Judith Egger​

lost in shrubland

Galería Aural, Alicante (ES)
04.05. - 28.06.2019
Curated by Laura Sánchez Serrano

AD Infinitum is the first solo 


The Galería Aural presents a selection of works by Judith Egger (* 1973, Bavaria), inviting us to immerse ourselves in the universe of organic forms and subversive scientific processes of the German artist. The title "Lost in Schrubland" refers to the emotional state in which we humans are: disoriented in a Nature that we transformed, bend to our interests and, ultimately, destroy putting in danger our own existence.


The exhibition shows a coherent and multidisciplinary range of Judith Egger’s artistic work: from photographs, drawings and installations to her most recent piece "Field Notes from the Wild", a publication-box (limited edition) containing the results of an investigation in process, where the artist analyses the complex relationship between western contemporary society and the concept of "wild”. Along with the photographic archive material, we find traces of plant forms printed on paper, notes, conversations records, official documents and preparatory drawings, which arise during the creative process.


Judith Egger explores the relationships between nature and art, science and humanity, investigating the processes of transformation that affect matter and, consequently, human beings. Her interest includes the analysis of both scientific and physical processes, as well as those incorporeal, such as spirituality, that guide and transform our existence. Through performances such as "Dämmerung" (twilight) (2017) or installations like "Mauss isst Maus" (mouse eat mouse) (2011), the artist delves into the concept of "élan vital" - in the words of the French philosopher Henri Bergson - or as she herself defines "Schwellkraft": the initial hypothetical force or energy from which any transformation, growth or evolution arises.