The Chapuisat Brothers - Nicolás Combarro - Jonas Etter - Hisae Ikenaga - Folke Köbberling - Florian Lechner - Boris Maximowitz - Michael Schrattenthaler

Kreativquartier, Munich (DE)
Stiftung Federkiel
12.09. - 18.10.2014
Curated by Laura Sánchez Serrano

The exhibition UNDER (DE)CONSTRUCTION was initiated by Laura Sánchez Serrano together with the Stiftung Federkiel für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kultur and took place in a singular scenario: an industrial semi-abandoned area, which used to be part of the Luitpold barracks in Munich. The  international exhibition was accompanied by an extensive program of talks, screen viewings, concerts and workshops.



Ever since the 1960s, the term „deconstruction“ has been used to describe a range of trends in philosophy, architecture, art and literature. Coined by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida, the term designates a form of philosophical and literary analysis that can also be applied to the artistic process. It involves breaking down and dissolving hidden structures in order to lay bare their components and show the meaning behind them.

Today, the concept and its power to question fundamental and procedural structures are as relevant as ever. Eight artists were invited to reflect on the architecture and history of some of the empty spaces at the newly planned Kreativquartier, where the Luitpold barracks used to stand. They created site-specific art installations for the space, challenging our perception of this changing area.


- Deconstruction, destruction, reconstruction, construction -

All the artists adopted a conceptual approach to their work. They all share a fascination with the space‘s urban and industrialized surroundings and its different construction materials, and are united by a craftsman‘s approach to the work process.

More information under: www.underdeconstruction.de